Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quick Response Codes coming to Wild Creations Products

Wild Creations Implements “Quick Response Technology” To Educate Its Parent Shoppers

Now there’s yet another amazing advancement in how shoppers can learn about toys… and the faster people learn about it, the happier we at Wild Creations will be. The technology is called “Quick Response” and it’s available for free on most smart phones. Using one of the many free, downloadable applications (aka “apps”) such as Red Laser, shoppers can scan images of a product’s barcode on a package and be whisked away – virtually speaking -- to learn an incredible amount of information about that possible purchase.

Starting this spring, you'll find the Quick Response scanner codes on our product boxes to help customers make informed qrcode.jpgpurchasing decisions about its toys. Using their smart phones, toy-shopping parents, aunt, uncles and grandparents that scan the bar codes on a Wild Creations toy box will immediately be "phoneported" to websites where they can read customers reviews, see YouTube video demos, check award reviews and read media or blog reviews, etc., about the toy.
Backing up Wild Creation’s smart move into smart phones, the company cites a recent survey of US consumers by Booz & Company about their usage and attitudes toward mobile commerce. The survey found that nearly 20 percent of consumers are using their smart phones for price and product comparison. That figure is expected to rise to 25 percent in the near future. And based on the expected growth in smart phone usage, by 2013, half of the consumers in retail stores will
use their smart phones for shopping.

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