Thursday, January 6, 2011


Wild Creations Excavation Kits Unearth The History Of Earth In the Privacy of Your Home

Myrtle Beach, SC (January 5, 2011)
– We’ve all read news reports of paleontologists discovering the remains of ancient man. But until now, those digs were in the plains of South Dakota, the ravines of Olduvai Gorge, or caves beneath Egypt. Now, thanks to a Cave Man Excavation kit from Wild Creations, eight-year old Calvin Cramer (“Caveman Cal” to his friends) of White Plains, NY, a Homo Neaderthalensis was discovered in his bedroom. When asked about this incredible discovery by his father, Calvin said he was looking forward to excavating sea monsters in the bathtub next. seamonsterkit.png

If you want to become a real paleontologist, then you need to study mineralogy, sedimentary petrology, stratigraphy/sedimentation, invertebrate paleontology, ecology, invertebrate and vertebrate zoology, evolutionary biology and genetics. Unfortunately for budding dino-hunters, most elementary schools don’t offer those courses. So to get the right tools for those kids, visit Wild Creations Kids University of Ancient Archeology in Booth 5367 at the 2011 American International Toy Fair.

Cave Man Excavation – Ages 6 and Up - $12.99

neanderthalman.pngThe first model of the forefathers of mankind. A skeleton to unearth with the tools of the paleontologist - hammer and chisel - and to put together with the building instructions included. Information about Homo Neanderthalensis included on the packaging.

Calvin told his dad he’d like a dozen, please.

Sea Monster Excavation – Ages 6 and Up - $12.99

A brand new line to discover the sea monsters of the ancient past, three new skeletons to be unearthed with the help of the tools of the paleontologist - hammer and chisel. It will be easy to complete the skeletons with the building instructions included; and it will be interesting to learn more about each sea monster with the scientific information on the packaging.

Available in three styles: seamonsters.png
Dino Excavation Kits – Ages 6 and Up - $12.99carnotarus.png

Six brand new dinosaurs are being added to the Dino Excavation Kit collection that Wild Creations debuted in winter, 2010. The dinosaurs are waiting to be set free from the gypsum bricks that keep them as prisoners. It will be great to feel like a real paleontologist, discovering, cleaning and assembling these bone replicas. Each skeleton is made up of about 13 pieces and the paleontologist's tools (hammer and chisel) are included in the packaging.

Available in six new styles: dinoexcavkits.png

Ice Age Excavation Kits – Ages 6 and Up - $12.99openbox.png

Wild Creations is adding two more styles for the Ice Age Excavation Kit collection which it introduced in winter, 2010. For young paleontologists continuously looking for fossils suspended in the “ice,” the enclosed hammer and chisel will make it easy to bring to light the detailed skeleton replicas developed under the supervision of the paleontologist. The package includes information about each dinosaur.

Available in two styles: iceagekits.png

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