Thursday, April 28, 2011

They dig Sea Monsters!

Heather Sanders, who authors Oh My Stinking Heck, did a wonderful review of one of our upcoming Sea Monsters Evacuation Kits and was featured today on The Pioneer Woman, one of the nations best blogs around. Her article describes her sons experience unearthing a Elasmosaurus Skeleton and assembling the replica fossil bones to make a quality model of a creature that ruled the oceans eons ago. The Elasmosaurus is one of the Sea Monsters Evacuation Kits by Geoworld that we'll be bringing to America soon. Look for it, along with other Geoworld Fossil kits coming to a store near you this summer, or get your name on the list for one online today at our website. Look for the Elasmosaurus and it's other Sea Monster Cousins, here by June 1st.

Many thanks to Heather, and the good folks at The Pioneer Woman!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flipoutz™ is on fast track

In the three weeks since the hot new interactive apparel Flipoutz™ appeared on ABC's episode 2 of SHARKTANK, the buzz has been growing daily, with store vendors reporting customers appearing in greater numbers searching for the wearable, tradeable, coins and bracelets. Demand of Flipoutz™ products have quickly outpaced supply of some of the bracelets, and the volume of trading of the Flipoutz™ coins has spiked on the interactive website, as more and more kids have gotten into the action of trading their coins with others. Luckly, new orders, as well as refill orders are quickly being filled. Along with our fresh orders comes a new packaging look. We're cautiously optimistic, but at the rate things are developing, we just might see the whole country flip out over FLIPOUTZ™ this summer.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Love is in the Water

It’s spring again! The time of year that signals the start of warm weather, green grass and bright flowers, baseball, BBQs, and amplexing. That’s right, you heard me … amplexing.

And, while this may not float your boat this time of year, it is definitely on the minds of our little African dwarf frogs.

Spring is mating season for frogs, the time of year when frogs become a little more aggressive … and a little more provocative. For the most part, the mating season passes quickly, but it undoubtedly raises very stimulating questions about the behavior of your frogs.

First, it doesn’t matter whether you have a male and female in an aquarium. When mating season starts, he will start his mating ritual without reservations and regardless of whom he shares company with. Dwarf frogs have very poor vision, so most of the time they can’t see what is in their aquarium anyway. So when the season of love starts, so does your frog.

He will start by performing his mating dance, which consists of arching his back and kicking outward. This is accompanied by soft humming, which is your frog crooning to Sinatra. When it is very quiet, you can hear this beautiful singing. He typically prefers to sing at night, which is when your frogs are more active, but you may hear him sing any time of the day.

This is when it becomes interesting. If the there is a mate in the water, and sometimes even if there is just another male frog, the crooning frog will grab his companion around the waist just above the lower legs, as if engaging in a big-brother type of bear hug from behind … and he will not let go. This is “amplexing”. If he is grasped to a female, the female will swim to the top of the water and release her eggs, which are later fertilized in the water by the male after the ritual. If your frog is affixed to another male, well then all bets are off. A fight will seemingly ensue, with the winner gaining bragging rights at the next major sporting event they attend with their friends. They prefer to call amplexing a “bro hug”. Regardless, this behavior is completely natural and nothing to be concerned about.

African dwarf frogs are very unique breed of frogs, because they will not grow very large and actually learn to adapt to the environment they are in. Unfortunately, their eggs and off spring aren’t as adaptable, and often the water conditions in an aquarium are not conducive for raising fertilized frog eggs to maturity. More often, the adult frogs, given their lack of proper eyesight, will mistake the floating eggs as food and … well, you can conclude your own ending to this paragraph.

In all, the ritual looks as though the frogs are engaging in a fight, and often individuals believe that one frog is trying to hold the other frog down. This is not the case. While it’s not dinner and flowers, this is actually froggie romance … se la vi. It’s natural, and there is nothing you need to worry about or need to do.

So, when it’s time to make up the family picnic and head out for a day at the park, just remember that someone in your house may have different plans, and it doesn’t’ involve taking in a baseball game in your absence … more like a wrestling match.

We wish to thank the readers of our facebook page who submitted the photos included in this article-ED.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Flipoutz... the next new thing?

Hope are high the newest fashion trend for kids of all ages come in the form of little metal buttons. Worn by kids, designed BY kids, traded by kids, FLIPOUTZ show all signs of becoming BIG! Big enough for Wild Creations to recently aquire FLIPOUTZ with all intentions of bringing the product to Worldwide distribution.

What are FLIPOUTZ? It's the newest wearable, exchangable, collectable that’s fun to wear, fun to show, and using the internet, fun to track! Register each flipoutz button online and trade with friends. Then track the button as it goes on it’s way. Who knows where it goes? You do!
Watch ABC's SHARK TANK, Friday April 1st. as Flipoutz makes it's national debut. Does it have what it takes to swim with sharks? Find out Friday, 8PM Eastern.

New Product was shelved on "Porpoise"

In the constant quest to develop new products, several criteria are established that a prospective Wild Creation product must meet before we fully develop a product for market. One promising product that didn't make the cut was our African Dwarf Dolphin EcoAquarium.

While the playful, intelligent mammal had our product development team excited, we just couldn't figure out how to keep the lid on the EcoAquarium, and the crafty dolphin from jumping out of the tank.
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