Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Combating "Conventional Wisdom" with Common Sense

EDITORS NOTE: With the start of the New Year, we thought to reprise an article we published previously. It's certainly good to do so, so that all the new EcoAquarium owners who just got their Christmas present, and are seeking out information may be able to find it. 
Anyone searching the internet about African Dwarf Frogs will soon find the following "Conventional Wisdom" in one form or another...

"...Typically, one frog for every 1 or 2 gallons of water is ideal...."

Ideal for WHO? The frog? Or the person selling Aquariums larger than 1-2 gallons?  Many websites seem to follow this common misconception without any real explanation, other than a misguided human emotion that these frogs wouldn't like  confined spaces.  

There's no scientific rationale behind requiring 1-2 gallons per frog.  It's a line of logic taken from setting up a standard aquarium, and taking in consideration of the needs of fish, who naturally need space to swim, and sufficient amounts of oxygenated water to breathe. Neither of which the species of African Dwarf Frog require. However, 1-2 gallons per frog would be good if you are setting up a unfiltered tank like a Goldfish Bowl... you'd then only have to change the water around every two weeks or so.
No oily skin...

In nature, African Dwarf Frogs only have need of water to keep their skin supple. ADF's do not produce a skin mucus which enables them to emerge out of water onto land like other amphibians, that's the only reason they are fully aquatic. Other than that, they could live in water which can merely keep their skin moist. Of course, they can be at home in larger bodies of water than what an EcoAquarium offers, but as for a NEED to have such... emphatically NO!

A more critical water need for this species is WATER DEPTH. Most specifically, THE LESS THE BETTER...

ADF Ancestral Home
In nature... such as in the Rainforests of Cameroon in West Africa, the African Dwarf Frog evolved in shallow rainforest swamps, in a habitat of stagnant low-oxygenated water, in water depths of 8 inches of water or less. Unlike gilled animals such as fish, ADF's breathe air with lungs, and go to the surface to gulp air. As a bottom dwelling creature, the frog subsists quite well in shallow water depths which give them a quick trip to the surface to breathe. Put them in an environment where the water depth is deeper, the frog can survive, but the longer trip to the surface for air is more stressful, and in the wild, would present more exposure to the frog from predators. In a natural environment, you would not find these frog in deeper water than a foot. 
The idea that these frogs need a lot of space, is also a misconception. African Dwarf Frogs main roles in life is simply to eat, avoid getting eaten, and make more frogs. In nature, it's behavior is dictated by instinct & environment, which again, in nature would be in the muddy bottom of a rainforest swamp.
Here's lookin' at you... I think!
The frog is a natural wait & pounce creature in the method of acquiring it's meal. The African Dwarf Frog has very poor eyesight, a heightened sense of vibrations in the water, and a keen nose to smell out food. You may have seen these frogs in a familiar "Zen Pose" standing motionless. This is a evolved trait of still stalking, waiting for something, like a tasty water bug to wander by. It also is a defensive posture that helps make them invisible to larger predators. Unlike fish, ADF's don't school & swim seeking food, preferring instead for food to come to them. Kinda like a aquatic couch potato. They do not migrate, & they do not have a extensive range, except along the shallows of whatever shallow pool of water they'd inhabit.

Remember, when searching the web, seeking out information about African Dwarf Frogs (or ANY topic) there is tons of "Conventional Wisdom" out there... some accurate, some simply a regurgitation of other information posted elsewhere, without much foundation of fact. It sounds right, but really... is it really right? If you have questions, count on us to help give you answers. Our wisdom isn't always conventional, but at least count on it to be grounded in fact.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Maternal Instinct

When a Mother Doe was killed by an Auto, leaving a young fawn orphaned, this nursing Chocolate Lab was happy to fill in. It's very common for normal behavior to be set aside when the maternal instinct kicks in.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Puzzle you'll have to Work at..."

Actually... TWO WINNERS!!!


BOY HOWDY! When we said we made our puzzle tough, we were not kidding! Out of the responses we got with answers, WE HAD ONLY TWO who gave THE CORRECT ANSWER:
"Mercennarium", Latin for "Wage Earner", (...alluding to someone who would enjoy a Labor Day Holiday)
SO... instead of trying to decide the winner... the boss decided to award TWO JEWEL ALL IN ONE KITS to the two entries who answered (and spelled) correctly the mystery word.
Congratulations goes to Amanda Sowers & Lyzabeth Miller, for both answering correctly! WE'LL BE IN TOUCH VIA EMAIL.
We'd like to thank EVERYONE who participated! Look for more puzzles with prizes (as soon as we can figure them out ourselves) soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School Special Returns

Indeed... it's that time again. Time for chalk dust & pencil shavings, backpacks & 500 word essays on the Reformation due by Tuesday.... time to go Back To School!
But it's not all having to beat that second bell for class... there's great savings to be had too. Like $3.99 OFF any EcoAquarium purchase... or ANY purchase from our webstore greater than $22!
That's like a free's better than a WHOLE YEAR of free lunches and dinners for your frogs.
Order an EcoAquarium, toss in a year's supply of Frog Food, then use the "Back2School" coupon. PRESTO! $3.99 comes off your order!
HURRY NOW! Our Back to School Special ends Sep.30th.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Peterson Farm Bros Reap a Great Harvest in Parody

It's not often farming gets in the cultural spotlight. That's why it's refreshing to see three brothers on a Kansas farm grow a huge fan base following on youtube, with their parodies of popular songs.The Peterson Farm Bros video page draws millions of views of their well produced parody videos which are just as tasty as the beef they produce.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Freaky Friday Foto: The Milk Frog

Unless you are lactose intolerant, you will love this croaker...
No it’s not just the color which gives them their name, but it’s the milk-like poisonous fluid excretion released from them when they are stressed or threatened. They are native to Amazon rainforest and were first discovered in Brazil’s Maracana River. They are famously known as Amazon milk frog.
They are fairly large frogs, reaching up to 2.5- 4 inches. Females are startlingly larger than males. They are greyish in color blended with black banding. During their early stage of life, they have soft and supple skin, but with age they start developing bumpy texture and the grey color slowly metamorphoses to silvery white. Their mouths are tinted with blue, as if it’s chewing a mint; therefore they are also known as blue milk frogs. The milk excretion helps them deter predators and also help them to be hydrated. READ MORE

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Frog Calls

The great folks at the University of Michigan has set up a really neat website for those of us who love frogs.
Ever heard the sound of the Poison Dart Frog? Here's your chance! Check out their Frog Calls page. You'll find sound clips of Mr. Dendrobates auratus, and many more, with links to further information for each. This is a great webpage to refer to when you hear the sounds of frogs in the night. You'll know in flash what frog is singing, and a whole lot more! Check it out & GIVE A LISTEN!

This brand new species of tree frog is already in trouble

Boophis ankarafensis, a new species of tree frog in Madagascar. (Gonçal
Washington Post Article
Tree frogs are adorable, so let’s have some more: In a study published in open-access journal ZooKeys, researchers describe a new species called Boophis ankarafensis. Unfortunately, it's in danger of losing its habitat.
Green with red speckles, the species looks quite similar to its closest relatives in the habitat – the banks of two streams in the Ankarafa Forest of Madagascar. But in addition to a large genetic divergence (one of more than 4.9 percent, based on analyzed gene fragments) the little frogs have one big distinction: Their call. (READ MORE)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Freaky Friday Foto: The PACMAN Frog

Sporting a mouth as big as the great out doors, meet Ceratophrys, AKA The South American Horned Frog or...(drum roll)... The PACMAN Frog!
These big mouth frogs are voracious eaters, often eating insects, small mammals (such as mice), fish, other frogs, and small reptiles. A fully grown female Argentine Horned Frog (females are generally larger than males) can easily eat a grown rat. Also known to be cannibalistic, and have been known to eat their mates. Although these frogs can swallow animals almost half their size, they sometimes attempt to eat things larger than they are. A row of sharp bony projections in their upper jaw makes it nearly impossible for them to release prey after taking it in their mouth, in some cases leading to death by choking. Count all your fingers & toes if ever you get around one of these guys, just in case.

Freaky Friday: AugDEmented Reality

If this isn't perfect Freaky Friday material, I don't know what is...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy World Lion Day

Conservationist Kevin Richardson, also known as the Lion Whisperer, wanted to film a PSA about lion conservation for World Lion Day on Aug. 10., but his companion proves what WC Fields once said... "Never work with kids or animals."

A World Unto Thier Own

We get questions from time to time, asking why we don't offer EcoAquariums with fish & frogs together, and why we advise against keeping fish & frogs together in a standard Aquarium setting. While African Dwarf Frogs are a popular addition to freshwater aquariums, it's not always a good thing for either the fish, or the frogs.

Too often, the choices of what species are together in a tank, is determined by owners preferences, often whether a fish is pretty or cute or even how "happy" a critter seems when seen in a pet
Oooo! There's one that matches the wall paint!
shop tank.
  Unfortunately, a tank owners personal preferences is the WORST yardstick to use. The compatibility of different species should ALWAYS be considered over anything else. Always consider the type of fish species indigenous to the natural habitat of the frog... In other words, if you have African Dwarf Frogs, ALWAYS choose the species of tropical fish that are also indigenous to West African rain forests over all others.  Why?

Because eons of evolution has naturally selected fish & frog species to tolerate diseases carried by each species, who have evolved together in the same regional environment. A frog evolved in West African Rain forests, may not have tolerances of disease vectors carried by tropical fish from South East Asia or elsewhere. 
Hey! This oriental food is pretty tasty!
Equally important, is natural behavioral traits of each species, imprinted by location and circumstance, which are now instinctive.  While species may have naturally tolerant behavior regardless of where it evolved, some may have behaviors that will clash or compete with a foreign species, all because of where each species evolved from, and the environment each evolved in.

 Regardless if animals are bred in captivity or in the wild, evolutionary behaviors & physical tolerances do not radically change. Disease susceptibilities within a species still reside, whether bred in the wild or in captivity,  & there are cases where the presence of a foreign species can actually create susceptibilities which would normally not be present.

Bloat, (Dropsy) is a good example.  There's still no conclusive reason why ADF's lymph nodes are triggered to overproduce lymph fluid. Some suspect a reaction to a common bacterium, often found within the skin layer of tubal worms, like blood worms. Yet exposure to this bacteria in nature seldom shows ill effects. Bloat is not a common disease in nature, not near as common as it is in aquariums. However, there's evidence that ADF's sharing an aquarium habitat with fish, have a higher susceptibility rate than do ADF's who do not. One conclusion would be that something common with some fish species may tie in with exposure to the bacterium, which normally would not pose a problem, since intermingling to such species would never happen in the wild.  Another conclusion may be environmental factors, common within a fish friendly habitat, such as higher dissolved oxygen content in the water, can cause abnormal susceptibilities in African Dwarf Frogs, or a more tolerable environment for the bacterium to thrive & concentrate.
Remember, frogs can coexist with fish in an environment tolerable for fish, yet in a natural environment of extreme acidic, nitrate high, & low oxygenated water, fish are not a common species to co-exist with these frogs. Most fish cannot tolerate water conditions these frogs would call home. It's entirely the reason that in a more pristine aquatic world of a freshwater aquarium, species of fish & frogs which naturally never be together do intermingle, and present possibilities that never would happen in the wild.
These are the reasons we run contrary to conventional wisdom, and advise keeping fish & frogs separate in a aquarium environment. Doing so allows maintaining a tank ecology most suited to the needs of a species, while keeping the likelihood of cross species contamination & behavior conflicts totally eliminated. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Freaky Friday Foto: Mexican Burrowing Toad

Kicking off a new feature to the blog, The Freaky Friday Froggy Foto! Our first photo is not of a frog, but a TOAD! A Mexican Burrowing Toad (Rhinophrynus dorsalis) . While it could be the poster child for a weight loss clinic, the Mexican Burrowing Toad only puffs itself up when threatened. Find out more here.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why not a Frog Instead of a Mouse?

While searching the internet for any topic which featured a frog... (no kidding!)... we stumbled across old cartoons of "Flip the Frog" drawn by U.B. Iwerks. Anyone who knows animation history knows of U.B. Iwerks, the man responsible for the distinctive style of the earliest Disney cartoons. U.B Iwerks was also responsible for creating Mickey Mouse.
U.B. Iwerks drawing Mickey

Flip the Frog was Iwerks second most famous cartoon character. He appeared in the time when Iwerks started his own cartoon production company after a falling out between him & Walt Disney.

Despite a contract deal with MGM to produce cartoon comedy shorts, Flip the Frog never made a huge splash (pun intended), as Disney's Mickey Mouse, despite having the Iwerks animation magic and comedy so much a signature of early Walt Disney cartoons.

Guess lightning doesn't strike twice, and Flip the Frog has been relegated to the ash heap of animation history, a footnote in the life of a legendary pioneer of cartooning.

Still, check out Flip the Frog, in a early cinemacolor MGM short from 1930, which features Flip in a piano/violin duet, with a vaguely familiar Mouse.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What is "Smart?"

How often have you sat & watched your frog... they watching right back at you, and pondered just what is going on behind those pair of bready little eyes? You just know something is going on in there... there has to... but just what is it? What is it that determines what a little African Dwarf Frog perceives has anything to do with what we would consider as thought? Obviously, they have something... we see personalities, or what we perceive as personalities in them, or have you ever just figured that since these guys are just frogs, there's no way we can ever judge them to be intelligent?
A video of an octopus working out a escape from a boat has gone viral, and lends as an example of how something even more primitive as a frog can show some intelligence in problem solving.
So the next time you get that feeling you're being watched, and you turn around to see a pair of little frog eyes watching you. Don't be too surprised if he's sizing up you figuring out what you're working on. Maybe he can lend a hand? Heck he's smart enough to have you feed him, doesn't he?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Git n' R Dun!

It's not all thrills & glamor creating EcoAquariums to be sold nationwide, even expert EcoAquarium craftsmen like George, occasionally does laps with the mower.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Murphy's Law and EcoAquariums

There's a Murphy's Law that states: "Develop a foolproof system and only a fool will use it", while our EcoAquariums are far from foolproof, they do have a bit of intelligent engineering behind them that make them as close to maintenance-free as you can get with any aquarium. But there's times, based on some of the letters we've received, that makes us give pause as to how well Ol' Murphy and his laws can be right on the mark.

With anything involving living organisms, there are countless things can happen, all depending on outside influences. Here at Wild Creations, we encounter problems from concerned customers about their EcoAquariums that run the gamut.

"I was afraid my Frogs were getting too hot, so I placed then in front of the air conditioner... now they just sit there..."   Frogs are amphibian's, meaning they're cold-blooded, they depend on their environment temperature. If the environment is cold, amphibians become cold, and tend to hibernate...or die. Dwarf Frogs were originally from the rain forests of West Africa, not a place commonly known for Air Conditioning. The Smart Thing: Keep your EcoAquarium within a moderately comfortable temperature of 70 to 80 degrees.

"I didn't think my frog was getting enough air so I took the lid my frog's missing."
The oxygen that the bamboo produces, along with the feeding hole in the lid allow for plenty of air. The lid serves several keeps the dust and junk out, keeps water from evaporating too quickly...and keeps wayward frogs from exploring too far.

"I didn't like the ugly brown rocks so I didn't use it in my EcoAquarium...why is my water all cloudy and my frogs dying?" The "Ugly" brown gravel is the "third leg" of the entire eco-system, the gravel is infused with beneficial anaerobic bacteria that serves as the "filter" for the EcoAquarium. Without it, it'll be hard for the EcoAquarium to establish a healthy environment.
"I keep my Cube in sunlight so the bamboo can grow....why is my water green?" You'd think that bamboo needs needs lots of sun but not so... it's a grass that thrives in indirect sunlight. Most importantly, just like all aquariums, too much sunlight can trigger an algae bloom, which can really muck things up. Keep your EcoAquarium off the window sill & it'll do fine.

Happily, most of the problems that may arise can easily be fixed, and while there's always something that may come along that could be a real head-scratcher, you can count on us at Wild Creations to help you work things out. Drop us a line, anytime.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Frogs in Space!

This photo which circulated around the internet last fall of a frog, taking an unexpected flight via a rocket -- may seem unusual. But #rocketfrog, as the little guy has become known, is not the first amphibian to, with the help of some human ingenuity, get a little closer to the final frontier. Nor is it the second. Nor is it the third. NASA and other space agencies, in their zeal to test the effects of microgravity on different organisms, have sent many, many other frogs into space -- not accidentally, as was the case with this launch, but purposely. For science. 
The following is a brief a brief history of frogs in space. Frogonauts, if you will.  READ MORE

Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Frogs don't Dance

OK we admit, our frogs don't dance. They stand up and look at you, & might even take a food pellet from a fingertip, but dance? Nope. That's why we think a dancing dog... a dancing Merengue Dog is pretty neat!

Work Piling Up?

Feel like this huge load of stuff piled up on you over the weekend?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Relax to Frog Sounds

Those of us living in the South sometimes take this stuff for granted. We're sure it's the same elsewhere too. However, the sounds of nature holds a special mesmerizing attraction to everyone, and especially to those too often deprived of it. City dwellers mostly, those who have lived around the sounds of industry & car traffic so much, that when they do come hear nature sounds, it's something totally foreign & exotic. For us "country folk', it can't be the other way around, I doubt I'd ever relax to the sounds of rush hour traffic... just no way! But listening to a chorus of frogs in the night, it'll send me off to sleep in no time.
There's quite a growing industry for "Relaxation Sounds". Youtube is full of long playlists of the sounds of nature, hours of it. And checking out the hit counters of a number of them, the popularity is huge.
So we thought that leading into the weekend, we offer this Hour of "Frog Song" to help everyone depressurize & relax. We hope you enjoy the sounds of Nature.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How long can you hold your breath?

We marvel at our little African Dwarf Frogs. The world they live in requires them to hold their breath for most of their lives. They come to the surface, gulp air into their lungs and submerge, over & over. All their lives, they live underwater on gulps of air.
Can you imagine trying to live like this? Impossible for humans... or is it. Here's someone who rivals our aquatic frogs in his lung capacity, able to swim to crushing depths on a gulp of air, not only for minutes at a time but to also fish for food underwater. See how long you can hold your breath while you watch this Underwater Hunter ply his trade.

Petr Spatina & The Glass Harp

We don't suggest trying this with an EcoAquarium, don't want to dip your fingers in the water.  Meet Petr Spatina from the Czech Republic. Petr played Accordion and Piano until he finally found „his" instrument, the Glass Harp which he plays now for over 15 years.
The Glass Harp consists of 33 wine glasses, filled and tuned with water.
The spherical sound of his music is bewitching, seems to be from outer space, unbelievably made. Not just any street musician, Petr is known world wide, because of his TV appearances. One things for certain... You can bet he can make the dog howl!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Vanishing Frogs

It's not a magic act, but all the same, frogs are indeed vanishing from the natural world, and Naturalists are seeking answers as to why. While the conversion of rainforests into farmland has all but wiped out the natural habitat of our own African Dwarf Frogs,  some species are simply vanishing without man's direct encroachment.
That has biologists in a scramble wondering why.  Naturalist Jeff Corwin attributes global climate change along with civilizations demands on the few remaining wild places left on our planet. Check out this video, one of three parts, that search for a rare, almost extinct frog species in Ecuador.

Pets Interrupting Yoga

We promise... our Frogs are happy to just sit on the sidelines & watch.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Garden Frogs: The Gardener's Friend

Maintaining a household garden is a great use of your yard by adding a source of fresh vegetables to the kitchen table. With little effort you can let nature help in your gardens maintenance, by introducing Frogs,  a true Gardeners Friend to the garden. Anybody can have a Goldfish Pond, but a Frog Pond is special, especially for growing a happy healthy garden.
This short video explains how to make a home for frogs to be attracted to your garden and aid greatly in keeping garden pests at bay.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hummingbird Infestation

Is there such a thing as "Too much of a good thing?" Not if it's a cloud of Hummingbirds at your feeders! Warning, this is a cuteness overload!

Glen Keane's "Duet" Animation

In this day & age of modern CGI animation, we're thrilled to see "Old School" methods of hand drawn cell animation still alive & well. Disney Award Winning animaton artist Glen Keane, presented his latest and most personal project to date, Duet, as part of a special Advanced Technology and Projects session at the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Freaky Friday Post: We made it to the weekend!

HEY! We made it to the weekend! A perfect reason to kick up your heels & dance!
Hats off to two-year-old William Stokkebroe, gleefully dancing the jive. Talented young William's parents own a dance studio in Denmark called Studie43, where the boy picked up on all these Elvis-like moves. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Squirrel Obstacle Course

You get teased about keeping Frogs as pets? If so, point out you don't make obstacle courses for them to go through, just for a tidbit of food.

Teacher Steve Barley takes some time out of the classroom to construct three different obstacle courses in his backyard for wild squirrels. He provides commentary as a couple of brave squirrels attempt to run through the course for a prize of nuts.

And now the News...(before naptime)

You have to admit, nowadays some of our daily news seems to be like a child's daydream, so what if the news was reported by children as well.? It actually makes a bit more sense when you hear it coming from "the mouths of babes." ...although it certainly sounds like Canada isn't a great place to be for the moment. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Heartwarming Friendship Between Toddler and WWII Vet

There is no telling how some friendships form, but some only need a simple spark to blossom. In this case, it was just a toddlers love of tomatoes that started something truly heartwarming.

For nearly a decade Bryan and Anika Rychner had little interaction with the elderly man next door. At best, they'd flash a wave or say hello in passing.
That changed last year when their son Emmett, just 2 years old at the time, decided to pay Erling Kindem a visit.
"They kind of bonded over the tomatoes in his garden," said Ankia, "because Emmett loves tomatoes."

Monday, July 7, 2014

"Grand Finale" Fireworks Video

We know Independence Day is over, but we just have to present this "Grand Finale" Fireworks show with a unique perspective... HD video shot INSIDE a fireworks display from a Quadcopter Drone.

Turn up the speakers & BE SURE TO WATCH IN HD! You'll be flying through a firework show with a DJI Phantom 2 and filming it with a GoPro Hero 3 silver. The quad was not damaged.
BTW, We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday, as much as we did!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

John Wayne - "America-Why I love her"

A popular clip shown now when some TV stations go off the air at night, but back in 1972, Actor John Wayne expressed a counterpoint in response to turbulent times. It was during the dark days of Watergate and the final, unsettling days of the Vietnam War, when actor John Wayne decided to speak out. In America, Why I Love Her, John Wayne explained in a special recording why America — and Americans — are special and why this country must remain a great nation.

Ray Charles - America the Beautiful

Some songs are timeless classics, some songs become classics how they have been sung. The late Ray Charles made America the Beautiful, one for the ages.

The true meaning of the term "Sling Arms!"

Continuing with our Independence Day Celebration we offer a performance of The Old Guard, US Army Rifle Drill Team with an awesome display of precision. Enjoy!

Sing it Bruce! Born in the USA

Those who grew up in the 8o's had a new Anthem straight out of New Jersey.Bruce Springsteen tapped ushered in a fresh spirit of Patriotism. Keep the Independence Day Spirit moving! Enjoy the Holiday!

The story of "Taps"

Keeping in the spirit of the Independence day holiday, we present the story of a truly iconic tune singularly familiar, yet largely unknown in it's origin . "Taps" is a true American inspired tune, born out of conflict, yet drawing inspiration of peace & rest.

MORE Fireworks!

If you haven't noticed by now, we're pretty patriotic around here, and we LOVE to celebrate our country's birthday! Independence Day is a great holiday... Cookouts, summer fun, parades, flag waving & FIREWORKS!

1000 High School Students Sing US National Anthem on 18 Floors Hotel

The Kentucky State Choir conference meets at the Louisville Hyatt every year. It is a tradition that every night of the conference, at 11 p.m., the students come out onto the balconies to sing the National Anthem.

Independence Day Pre-Celebration

Just an appetizer leading up to the big day...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A short trip through the Known Universe
Look up in a clear night sky you glimpse just a tiny part of a vast Universe. For years, astronomers have labored hard to map it's depths. But it's only been in recent years, with the help of composite imaging from the Hubble Telescope, and intensive map rendering, using the most powerful supercomputers, have we been able to begin to grasp the immensity of the Universe. This video is the result... an animation of every object in the known universe, located precisely in it's relationship to each other.
The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas, through our atmosphere and the inky black of space, to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, and quasar seen in the film is possible because of the world's most complete four-dimensional map of the universe, the Digital Universe Atlas that is maintained and updated by astrophysicists at the American Museum of Natural History. The new film, created by the Museum, is part of an exhibition, Visions of the Cosmos: From the Milky Ocean to an Evolving Universe, at the Rubin Museum of Art in Manhattan.
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