Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Anniversary

Happy 3 Year Anniversary to
Janet Noto
By: Peter Gasca, Co-Founder and CEO Wild Creations
Happy 3-Year Anniversary to Janet Noto of Wild Creations!  Janet, originally from Marlboro, NY, has lived in Myrtle Beach (Murrells Inlet to be exact) for the past four years, three of which she has spent with Wild Creations as a Client Service Manager!  As a member of the team with the longest seniority, she has seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly and has been an invaluable asset through it all.  In fact, we were proud that her wonderful character was recognized in August with an outstanding Customer Service Award

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Five Years ... and Counting!

2007 Original Catalog
By Peter Gasca, Co-Founder and CEO Wild Creations

Last week marked the five year anniversary for Wild Creations!  And, like any proud parent, all I can do is ask myself … Where did the time go???

When my business partner and Wild Creations' Co-Founder, Rhett Power, and I started this business in March 2007, we of course had big aspirations.  Our goal was not to run a company simply to “make a living” for each of our families, but instead to establish and nurture an exciting and adventurous business that attracted partners who shared our passion for life and desire to make an impact.  It seemed a pretty straight forward and altruistic goal.  Really, what could go wrong?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to Us...Happy Birthday to Us...

Things are a little giddy around here...

We've reached a milestone. We're FIVE YEARS OLD!
And I think someone has spiked the Birthday punchbowl... the Boss just OK'd this SALE!

Here's a birthday present to you! To celebrate 5 YEARS in business,  the head frog has knocked $5 off the price of our Jewel All-in-One Kits! Regularly $39.99, this week on sale for $34.99. Hurry order one and save, (before the punch runs out!) CLICK HERE!

HURRY, this week ONLY, March 12-18, 2012!
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