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Wild Creations Excavation Kits Unearth The History Of Earth In the Privacy of Your Home

Myrtle Beach, SC (January 5, 2011)
– We’ve all read news reports of paleontologists discovering the remains of ancient man. But until now, those digs were in the plains of South Dakota, the ravines of Olduvai Gorge, or caves beneath Egypt. Now, thanks to a Cave Man Excavation kit from Wild Creations, eight-year old Calvin Cramer (“Caveman Cal” to his friends) of White Plains, NY, a Homo Neaderthalensis was discovered in his bedroom. When asked about this incredible discovery by his father, Calvin said he was looking forward to excavating sea monsters in the bathtub next. seamonsterkit.png

If you want to become a real paleontologist, then you need to study mineralogy, sedimentary petrology, stratigraphy/sedimentation, invertebrate paleontology, ecology, invertebrate and vertebrate zoology, evolutionary biology and genetics. Unfortunately for budding dino-hunters, most elementary schools don’t offer those courses. So to get the right tools for those kids, visit Wild Creations Kids University of Ancient Archeology in Booth 5367 at the 2011 American International Toy Fair.

Cave Man Excavation – Ages 6 and Up - $12.99

neanderthalman.pngThe first model of the forefathers of mankind. A skeleton to unearth with the tools of the paleontologist - hammer and chisel - and to put together with the building instructions included. Information about Homo Neanderthalensis included on the packaging.

Calvin told his dad he’d like a dozen, please.

Sea Monster Excavation – Ages 6 and Up - $12.99

A brand new line to discover the sea monsters of the ancient past, three new skeletons to be unearthed with the help of the tools of the paleontologist - hammer and chisel. It will be easy to complete the skeletons with the building instructions included; and it will be interesting to learn more about each sea monster with the scientific information on the packaging.

Available in three styles: seamonsters.png
Dino Excavation Kits – Ages 6 and Up - $12.99carnotarus.png

Six brand new dinosaurs are being added to the Dino Excavation Kit collection that Wild Creations debuted in winter, 2010. The dinosaurs are waiting to be set free from the gypsum bricks that keep them as prisoners. It will be great to feel like a real paleontologist, discovering, cleaning and assembling these bone replicas. Each skeleton is made up of about 13 pieces and the paleontologist's tools (hammer and chisel) are included in the packaging.

Available in six new styles: dinoexcavkits.png

Ice Age Excavation Kits – Ages 6 and Up - $12.99openbox.png

Wild Creations is adding two more styles for the Ice Age Excavation Kit collection which it introduced in winter, 2010. For young paleontologists continuously looking for fossils suspended in the “ice,” the enclosed hammer and chisel will make it easy to bring to light the detailed skeleton replicas developed under the supervision of the paleontologist. The package includes information about each dinosaur.

Available in two styles: iceagekits.png

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


[Editor Note: Getting caught up with news after the Holiday's another article describing some new things coming from us in the near future...]

Wild Creations RC Microbugs Are Microsized And Maximum Fun

Myrtle Beach, SC (December 23, 2010) – Whether they’re aspiring entomologists, want-to-be horror film makers, or just plain old into creepy-cool, kids are going to get totally tweaked with award-winning Wild Creations’ brand new line of RC Microbugs. Not only are these little RC controlled arthropods the most realistic RC toys ever made, but their technologically-advanced circuitry makes scaring the bejeebers out of mom as simple as pushing a lever. Just make sure you tell her it’s a toy before she whips out the broom! The RC Bug-A-Palooza begins in Booth 5367 at the 2011 American International Toy Fair. Leave the insect repellent in your show bag, please.

rcladybug.pngRC Ladybug – Ages 6+, $19.99

It’s said that ladybugs bring good luck. Our RC Ladybug brings hours of enjoyment as you control it, making it move forward, back, left and right. An RC Microbugs Toy, the RC Labybug may be tiny, but it’s a ton of fun!


RC Tarantula – Ages 6+, $21.99

A RC Microbug Toy, this desert tarantula packs high technology in a tiny package. Totally controllable, make it walk and maneuver on its 8 legs with the included RC Controller.

rcscorp.pngRC Scorpion – Ages 6+, $19.99

Adventure lurks with this tiny remote toy! Another of the RC Microbugs, is the Remote Controlled Scorpion, with 8 legs, 2 claws and fierce red stinger tail. You control where it goes with the RC controller that doubles as its recharging unit. Steer it forward, reverse, left and right and when prey is nearby, strike with the stinger tail!

RC Potato Beetle – Ages 6+, $19.99
A scourge for a farmer is a friend for RC Lovers! An authentic looking Potato Beetle comes alive in this amazingly realistic remote controlled toy. You control its movements and steer it around, or up and over objects. RC Controller makes the beetle move forward, back, left and right.

RC Skybird – Ages 6+, $24.99

The RC SkyBird flies with flapping wings like a real bird. The SkyBird has a special design with exquisite appearance and emulational dulcet sounds. Fly up to 60 feet away! [Look for this product also as a realistic looking RC Falcon too! -Editor]

Wild Creations Goes Retro with Classic Robots

Wild Creations Releases Retro Robots To Serve Children Faithfullyrrlogo.png

Myrtle Beach, SC (December 29, 2010) – Whether you are or aren’t old enough to remember the classic toy robots from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, these mechanical marvels have never stopped inspiring creativity, imagination and fun. Whirring gears, choppy motions and mechanical voices were the way toy robots protected children from bad guys, foreign soldiers and the ultimate nemesis, Martian invaders! Now, thanks to Wild Creations’ re-introduction of some of the most beloved toy robots of the past, human kids are once again protected. Visit Wild Creations Booth 5367 at the 2011 American International Toy Fair to see these retrorobots live up to their legend. The fact that the booth will be 100% Martian-free is proof enough that these mechanical men are still better than a hyper-warp-stun-phaser.

Electric Robot – Ages 6+, $49.99

mrrobot.pngIn the mid-50s Marx Toys’ Electric Robot captured the hearts and minds of America’s youth. Featuring a variety of actions, controlled individually by different knobs and buttons on its back. Forward and backward motion, light-up eyes, it also can telegraph Morse code and there’s a handy timecover.png cheat sheet printed on the back of his head). Electric Robot’s arms move up and down by turning the two knobs near his shoulders, and a switch at the back of his base determines whether he moves to the right or to the left. It’s all so manual, so interactive – it’s hard not to have fun with this toy. At the time Electric Robot was introduced, Marx Toys was the world's largest toymaker and Louis Marx was the personality of the industry known as "The Henry Ford of the Toy Industry." For Christmas of 1955, Time magazine chose Mr. Marx to grace its cover including the Electric Robot on the upper left, see photo from Time Magazine cover, Dec. 12, 1955.

Rudy the Robot – Ages 6+, $49.99

rudyrobot.pngRudy’s big, bad and heading your way! In “Heavy 70s” day-glow yellow, Rudy will walk you back to a simpler time when toys were tough and fun! Rudy the Robot is faithfully reproduced complete with period packaging. This authentic product is made from the original molds! Rudy was the #1 toy of Christmas 1968.

Robert the Robot – Ages 6+, $49.99
Sci-fi toys were kid favorites in the early 1950s. Space helmets and ray guns were cool, robertrobot.pngbut nothing was quite as cool as having your own robot, particularly Robert the Robot. This popular toy walks again in this faithful reproduction, right down to its “I am Robert Robot, mechanical man. Drive me and steer me, wherever you can…” Robert was the pioneer of plastic toy robots in 1954, when a popular TV Show called "Captain Video" featured a robot called "TOBOR" (which of course is "robot" spelled backwards). Robert the Robot was inspired by Tobor and of course the TV program helped sales.

Mr. Machine ™ – Ages 6+, $49.99

Mr. Machine, the popular mechanical man is back! A robot wearing top-hat; turn his giant windup key at the back and watch him “walk,” swinging his arms and repeatedly ringing his chest mounted bell. This is the original toy that was introduced 50 golden years ago in 1960--you not only can see his mechanical “innards” through his clear, plastic body, but also take the toy apart and put it back together, over and over. What’s old is new again with Mr. Machine! Mr. Machine is recognized as one of the all-time greatest toys of the American Toy Industry.

Almost Gone!

keystoneclassic.pngWe've recently offered the Keystone Classic , an EcoAquarium built around the last remaining Water Garden Tanks left in our warehouse. It has the same water volume as our Jewel , but with the same footprint as our Classic . The response has been tremendous, but sadly all good things do come to an end...we're almost sold out. Hurry, order yours today before they're gone for good!

... The Keystone Classic is also available as a Builders Series EcoAquarium in kit form, with everything needed to set up an EcoAquarium except frogs.

Pocket Microscope wins TCA award

Pocket MicroscopeOur Pocket Microscope has recently received The Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice Award for the family. The Teachers' Choice Awards honor products of exceptional quality and
outstanding performance in the classroom and at home. A panel of teacher evaluators use each product in their classrooms and homes to find the best products for teachers and parents.

The Pocket Microscope was a big hit as a holiday stocking stuffer, and we're honored to see it recognized as a award winning toy.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stan T-Rex coming to TIA Toyfair in February


TIA Toy Fair'11 in NYC is the biggest Toy Industry trade show anywhere... what better place to invite a celebrity to hang out at our booth...literally! Standing almost 30 feet tall, Stan, a real Tyrannasaurus Rex will be with us as we showcase Geoworld fossil toys, and a broad line of Science & Fun Toys! He's creating quite a buzz in the industry as the following article from can attest.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Anchormom likes our Classic EcoAquarium


San Diego's Anchormom Kathleen Bade
presented a number of great gift ideas just before the holidays, one was the Classic EcoAquarium . Thanks to Jennifer Rosson, Kathleen Bade, and San Diego's Fox 5 WSWB TV for the wonderful segment.
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