Thursday, June 24, 2010

MR. DAD thinks we're alright!

The Mr. Dad Seal of Approval and the GreatDad Recommends program recognize products and services that support our mission: giving men the resources, tools, and information they need to be the fathers they want to be and that their families need them to be. We are pleased to announce that FIVE of our soon-to-be-released products have been granted their seal of approval.

Mega Bubble, giant bubble creator
Oh, come on. You've always wanted to make a bubble big enough to contain a person, haven't you? Well, now's your chance. The Mega Bubble bubble creator will let you do exactly that. The kids will have a ton of fun trying to encapsulate you, and you'll marvel at just how far an incredibly thin wall of soap film can stretch. Good, clean, entertainment for the whole family (but keep the bubbles out of everyone's mouth). Ages 3+.

Hologram Chamber
We're not quite sure what makes the Hologram Chamber quite so intriguing, but it'll definitely get everyone's attention. Drop in just about any object and ask some unsuspecting person to grab it. You and the kids will have a lot of fun trying to fool each other. And once they're in bed, you'll have even more fun on your own--trying to figure out how it works. We're still a ways away from R2D2's holographic projection of Princess Leah (from Star Wars), but it's still an amazing illusion. Ages 3+.

Radio-controlled Rattle Snake
Let's start with a warning. Be very careful who's around when you and the kids fire up this creepily accurate replica of the Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake. Even when you know what it is, you'll still be momentarily freaked out when you see it zig-z
agging around your house, tongue flickin in and out, rattling its tail. So expect to peel mom (or anyone with a heart condition) off the ceiling if you don't warn her before letting the kids loose with this baby. Ages 5+.

Buzzwire Bomb
There may be some scientific lessons to learn here, but all our reviewers could talk about was the fun aspect. The Buzzwire Bomb can be used by just about anyone in the family--especially those who like to be scared. The principle is similar to the old Operation game--but the baloon explosions happen compeltely randomly. So while a steady hand might help you in the short run, it won't keep your heart from skipping a beat when you finally get that POP!!! Ages 5 and up.

Wallace & Gromit Water Rocket
Judgment call. The Water Rocket is clearly labeled as "not a toy." But it's so much fun that you'll want to share it with the whole family. You'll need a big, empty area and a water supply. Depending on the ratio of water, pressure, launch angle, and the proximity of obstacles such as houses and windows, you can send the rocket soaring up to 200 feet! What's especially nice about the Water Rocket is that it's something dads and teens can (and will actually want to) do together--and that's a very rare thing. Definitely keep away from small children.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Democratic Candidate for Governor visits Wild Creations

South Carolina Democratic Candidate for Governor, State Senator Vincent Sheheen, held a press conference at the Wild Creations production facility in Myrtle Beach today, demonstrating that economic growth and employment comes from the development of small business with fundamental business philosophy's.

Sen. Sheheen, in a campaign swing through the South Carolina low country, pointed out that small business jobs is vital in palmetto state economics. "We must nurture & support small businesses that mix innovation with sound business structure... here is a prime example of a business succeeding by holding to basic business practice while exploring fresh ideas."

Touring the Wild Creations production facility, Sen. Sheheen met with workers on the production floor. "We're pleased to have the Senator visit," said Wild Creations owner Peter Gasca, "it's great he's committed in helping small business."

On one of his first campaign stops made after his opponent, GOP Candidate Nikki Haley won her gubernatorial race, Senator Sheheen is aware he has a uphill battle ahead. "I know that pundits call me the underdog in this campaign. But I have never shrank from a challenge." He added, "I'm asking democrats, independents, and republicans who love their state more than any party label, to join me in a mission to save South Carolina's future, together, we can move South Carolina forward."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's been a long time coming...

But its been almost worth the wait.

Almost...that's the word around here lately. We are almost ready to launch our new website... all & most. The word works well since we've been working almost around the clock, almost on the verge of entering into a much larger stage, almost ready to bring the world a eye-boggling selection of toys, games & geewiz stuff you wished you had when you were a kid.

Go visit the website right now, take a last trip through it, because it's almost ready to change.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Family is Pet neutral no more...

Sarah is busy. Managing a family of five AND a popular blog, she is the first to tell you the idea of adding a family pet into the mix was generally taken as out of the question, that is until she reviewed an EcoAquarium. Her review tells a different story now. Thanks for the kind review Sarah, enjoy your EcoAquarium!
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