Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Democratic Candidate for Governor visits Wild Creations

South Carolina Democratic Candidate for Governor, State Senator Vincent Sheheen, held a press conference at the Wild Creations production facility in Myrtle Beach today, demonstrating that economic growth and employment comes from the development of small business with fundamental business philosophy's.

Sen. Sheheen, in a campaign swing through the South Carolina low country, pointed out that small business jobs is vital in palmetto state economics. "We must nurture & support small businesses that mix innovation with sound business structure... here is a prime example of a business succeeding by holding to basic business practice while exploring fresh ideas."

Touring the Wild Creations production facility, Sen. Sheheen met with workers on the production floor. "We're pleased to have the Senator visit," said Wild Creations owner Peter Gasca, "it's great he's committed in helping small business."

On one of his first campaign stops made after his opponent, GOP Candidate Nikki Haley won her gubernatorial race, Senator Sheheen is aware he has a uphill battle ahead. "I know that pundits call me the underdog in this campaign. But I have never shrank from a challenge." He added, "I'm asking democrats, independents, and republicans who love their state more than any party label, to join me in a mission to save South Carolina's future, together, we can move South Carolina forward."

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