Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Thinking might be for the Birds

An age-old question has gained a new twist with new theories on how modern birds & dinosaurs have much more in common than previously thought. Assumptions about the fossil record has been called in question by new discoveries, particularly the belief that certain dinosaurs are more closely related to birds than to modern lizards.

Kentucky Fried T-Rex anyone? One study has concluded that protein from T-Rex collagen is more closely related to collagen protein found in birds than it is to collagen protein found in crocodiles & alligators. This adds to previous skeletal evidence attesting to a dinosaur / bird common ancestor.
With fossils found in China of "feathered" dinosaurs, the distinction between what was bird, what was dinosaur, is becoming even more blurred. So much so that new theory's have been put forth that has even spawned revisions of how dinosaurs may have looked & behaved.

Old science textbooks once showed drab green dinosaurs with thick elephant hide, or alligator scales, and described them much like large, slow herds of prehistoric cows.

But adding bird-like qualities, the look and feel is now quite different... dinosaurs now have plumage.

It's like an artist pallet has been applied. Bold colors, spots & stripes, like what is found in the bird world is now applied to dinosaurs. Plus, like birds, a deftness & quick inquisitiveness, now define a dino's movement. Two
Velociraptors in a modern kitchen in the movie Jurassic Park
did more to change our perceptions of how dinosaurs could behave, than anything else.

It's still a lot of speculation, but from it all, a more realistic image of these ancient creatures is emerging. A new image about dinosaurs has been hatched.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sizzling Hot New Products come to wildcreations.com

Kicking off the summertime season are firecracker new products arriving to the Wild Creations website! Three new products, that have proved popular on their own, are now ready to purchase on our online store.

Roll-Up Roads, the floor & table friendly road tapes are now available in six different colorful styles. Turn any floor or table into a cityscape, railway yard, airport or a busy highway. Available in single rolls or City-planner six-packs.

A little new technology, a dash of imagination, and a whole lot of excitement, and you end up with the E-BIRDS RC Flight Series flying toy. The Radio Controlled Bird,flies like the real thing with it's amazing opposing dual wing design, only that you are in control as it climbs, dives & turns it's way in flight both indoors & out.

Quickly becoming a national phenomena, we're going to help it along by bringing it to the Wild Creations webstore. We're talking about FLIPOUTZ, interactive funwear! The kid-invented bracelet & trackable coins have started to take the country by storm as more & more have fallen under FLIPOUTZ FEVER and begun collecting, trading & tracking the colorful coins. Now you can buy them right here!

It's a sizzling summer of new products now available at the Wild Creations On-line Store!
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