Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It pays to read good books...

Our thanks & congratulations to Chrissy Harris, our Winner of our "Name your Frog Contest"!
Chrissy was inspired by the characters from a classic story... Mark Twains's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County", of which both "Smiley" & "Webster" figure prominently.

The judging was tough, great names were given, and a lot of creativity was shown by all, ( I liked "Fe Fi & Fo Fum" but I'm not a judge). Chrissy's entry showed us all that inspiration can come from an old story that's still new today, and can serve as inspiration for anyone tomorrow.

Congratulations again Chrissy! We'll be sending you out one of our new imports from the UK...

The Science Museums "Science Putty".

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reyne Talks Toys featuring EcoAquariums!

Reyne Rice of the Toy Industry Association covers April 22, Earth Day, with a report about Earth-Friendly & Nature Sensitive Learning toys. She features our EcoAquarium. Naturally our African Dwarf Frogs ham it up when the camera is on them! Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Name your Frog...

CONTEST TIME! Check out our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE For just this week, we're running a "Name Your Frog" contest. Each winning entry will win SCIENCE PUTTY, one of our new products coming from England this summer!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Science & Nature Toys coming to stores on our shores

Summer is rapidly approaching and we are working hard to have everything ready for when our British Invasion of Science & Nature Toys arrive. New toys, and a new website are both scheduled to be ready this June.

Speaking of new toys, here's a sneak peek of just a few...

Pocket Monocular

Eye spy anything with this handheld monocular from the Natural History Museum. High magnification is guaranteed with this spherical lens that’s perfect for theatre, stadium, sports and other long distance viewing. Each pocket monocular comes with a cleaning cloth and wrist strap.

Pocket Microscope

Whiz kids never know when they need to get a closer look at something that catches their attention. Now they can view objects in incredible detail with a brightness and clarity that amazes scientists! From the Natural History Museum, this pocket-size microscope can magnify items a stunning 40 times and comes with slides and a lens cleaning cloth, plus a very affordable price tag.

Lunar Projecting Alarm Clock

Create your own moon landing on the bedroom ceiling with this whimsical telescope that illuminates a moon on any surface. From the Natural History Museum, this lunar projecting clock is programmed to ensure that the projected moon is always in sync with the phases of the actual moon! Keep the moon in focus with a turn of the wheel. The telescope includes an LCD clock, alarm buzzer, projector and tripod.

Metal-Ink Keyfob

Kids can do their homework in metal with this incredible “metal ink” keyfob pen. From the UK Science Museum, this pen has no ink. It writes by leaving behind tiny amounts of metal alloy on paper. Fits nicely in a pocket, pocketbook or wallet in case a back-up pen is needed. Full instructions are included to answer, “how’d they do that?”

Pretty Neat! Want to see more? Check out our preliminary product announcement page where you can view our video and download a catalog.

Friday, April 2, 2010

RC Rattlesnake on the prowl!

Our Friends at TD Monthly had some fun with one of our new Science & Nature(TM) products, and put it through it's paces.

The RC Rattlesnake, along with all the other great toys puzzles & games, will be available real soon. To find out more about our remote control reptile, and all the other toys coming our way, click on the banner below...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Excitement for New EcoAquarium Resident

Excitement is the by-word here at Wild Creations following our introduction today of our new EcoAquarium, featuring rare African Dwarf Alligators. Following on our phenomenal success of the EcoAquarium™ eco-system aquarium line with African Dwarf Frogs, the new product is the logical next step.
"I can't wait to see these in kids hands", beamed Pete Gasca of Wild Creations, "based on the reaction from our test group, we're sure they will make a big splash."

The rare African Dwarf Alligator, a distant cousin of the common American Alligator, is a friendly reptile that loves children. With its smiling face and crazy antics, a EcoAquarium with a African Dwarf Alligator offers a wonderful and exciting way to enjoy nature up close.
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