Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Chilling Reminder to Keep Warm

For the moment 90% of the Nation is gripped with freezing temperatures.
January 2014, you may have noticed, winter is full upon us! Baby, it's COLD! While we bundle up against the winter chill, it's a good idea to mention ways to make sure your Frogs in your EcoAquarium don't have to contend with the cold. It's not like they can pull out some thermal undies, but there are steps YOU can take, to make things comfy cozy for them.

No, not Uncle Sam, but rather drafts that chill you cold. Chilled air from leaky windows & doors, blowing upon your EcoAquarium can significantly lower it's water temperature far lower than the temperature in a room. You can avoid drafts by wrapping a towel around your EcoAquarium, the trapped air in between the towel & the EcoAquarium makes for a good insulator.

Not in the way you think we mean... Place your EcoAquarium high up in a room. Top Shelf, overhead, up near the ceiling, because... HEAT RISES! The temperature in a room is always a few degrees greater up near the ceiling than down near the floor. So while your thermostat may read 70 degrees, it might be 72-73 up above while it's 67 down along the floor.
A smart suggestion would be to relocate the EcoAquarium to the kitchen...normally the warmest place in the house.
JUST BE CAREFUL! Getting High in the kitchen too often leads to the munchies.

Avoid the temptation of adding an aquarium heater or reptile stone heater to your EcoAquarium. While very handy for large aquariums, aquarium heaters cannot regulate the temps in smaller water containers like the EcoAquarium, the sudden temperature fluctuations hot & cold can overstress a frog at least, at worse, turn your EcoAquarium into a piping hot bowl of Frogmore Stew.
Best rule of thumb: If you are comfortable with the temperature in a room, your frogs will be comfortable. If you do need to add some short term localized heat, turn on a reading lamp with an incandescent bulb, and place it no closer than 6-10" away from the tank.

Bitter cold can be avoided with these simple steps, & by keeping room temps between 45-95 degrees, you AND your frogs will weather any cold snap! They be chilling, by NOT getting chilled out.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Combating "Conventional Wisdom" with Common Sense

EDITORS NOTE: With the start of the New Year, we thought to reprise an article we published previously. It's certainly good to do so, so that all the new EcoAquarium owners who just got their Christmas present, and are seeking out information may be able to find it. 
Anyone searching the internet about African Dwarf Frogs will soon find the following "Conventional Wisdom" in one form or another...

"...Typically, one frog for every 1 or 2 gallons of water is ideal...."

Ideal for WHO? The frog? Or the person selling Aquariums larger than 1-2 gallons?  Many websites seem to follow this common misconception without any real explanation, other than a misguided human emotion that these frogs wouldn't like  confined spaces.  

There's no scientific rationale behind requiring 1-2 gallons per frog.  It's a line of logic taken from setting up a standard aquarium, and taking in consideration of the needs of fish, who naturally need space to swim, and sufficient amounts of oxygenated water to breathe. Neither of which the species of African Dwarf Frog require. However, 1-2 gallons per frog would be good if you are setting up a unfiltered tank like a Goldfish Bowl... you'd then only have to change the water around every two weeks or so.
No oily skin...

In nature, African Dwarf Frogs only have need of water to keep their skin supple. ADF's do not produce a skin mucus which enables them to emerge out of water onto land like other amphibians, that's the only reason they are fully aquatic. Other than that, they could live in water which can merely keep their skin moist. Of course, they can be at home in larger bodies of water than what an EcoAquarium offers, but as for a NEED to have such... emphatically NO!

A more critical water need for this species is WATER DEPTH. Most specifically, THE LESS THE BETTER...

ADF Ancestral Home
In nature... such as in the Rainforests of Cameroon in West Africa, the African Dwarf Frog evolved in shallow rainforest swamps, in a habitat of stagnant low-oxygenated water, in water depths of 8 inches of water or less. Unlike gilled animals such as fish, ADF's breathe air with lungs, and go to the surface to gulp air. As a bottom dwelling creature, the frog subsists quite well in shallow water depths which give them a quick trip to the surface to breathe. Put them in an environment where the water depth is deeper, the frog can survive, but the longer trip to the surface for air is more stressful, and in the wild, would present more exposure to the frog from predators. In a natural environment, you would not find these frog in deeper water than a foot. 
The idea that these frogs need a lot of space, is also a misconception. African Dwarf Frogs main roles in life is simply to eat, avoid getting eaten, and make more frogs. In nature, it's behavior is dictated by instinct & environment, which again, in nature would be in the muddy bottom of a rainforest swamp.
Here's lookin' at you... I think!
The frog is a natural wait & pounce creature in the method of acquiring it's meal. The African Dwarf Frog has very poor eyesight, a heightened sense of vibrations in the water, and a keen nose to smell out food. You may have seen these frogs in a familiar "Zen Pose" standing motionless. This is a evolved trait of still stalking, waiting for something, like a tasty water bug to wander by. It also is a defensive posture that helps make them invisible to larger predators. Unlike fish, ADF's don't school & swim seeking food, preferring instead for food to come to them. Kinda like a aquatic couch potato. They do not migrate, & they do not have a extensive range, except along the shallows of whatever shallow pool of water they'd inhabit.

Remember, when searching the web, seeking out information about African Dwarf Frogs (or ANY topic) there is tons of "Conventional Wisdom" out there... some accurate, some simply a regurgitation of other information posted elsewhere, without much foundation of fact. It sounds right, but really... is it really right? If you have questions, count on us to help give you answers. Our wisdom isn't always conventional, but at least count on it to be grounded in fact.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Maternal Instinct

When a Mother Doe was killed by an Auto, leaving a young fawn orphaned, this nursing Chocolate Lab was happy to fill in. It's very common for normal behavior to be set aside when the maternal instinct kicks in.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Puzzle you'll have to Work at..."

Actually... TWO WINNERS!!!


BOY HOWDY! When we said we made our puzzle tough, we were not kidding! Out of the responses we got with answers, WE HAD ONLY TWO who gave THE CORRECT ANSWER:
"Mercennarium", Latin for "Wage Earner", (...alluding to someone who would enjoy a Labor Day Holiday)
SO... instead of trying to decide the winner... the boss decided to award TWO JEWEL ALL IN ONE KITS to the two entries who answered (and spelled) correctly the mystery word.
Congratulations goes to Amanda Sowers & Lyzabeth Miller, for both answering correctly! WE'LL BE IN TOUCH VIA EMAIL.
We'd like to thank EVERYONE who participated! Look for more puzzles with prizes (as soon as we can figure them out ourselves) soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School Special Returns

Indeed... it's that time again. Time for chalk dust & pencil shavings, backpacks & 500 word essays on the Reformation due by Tuesday.... time to go Back To School!
But it's not all having to beat that second bell for class... there's great savings to be had too. Like $3.99 OFF any EcoAquarium purchase... or ANY purchase from our webstore greater than $22!
That's like a free's better than a WHOLE YEAR of free lunches and dinners for your frogs.
Order an EcoAquarium, toss in a year's supply of Frog Food, then use the "Back2School" coupon. PRESTO! $3.99 comes off your order!
HURRY NOW! Our Back to School Special ends Sep.30th.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Peterson Farm Bros Reap a Great Harvest in Parody

It's not often farming gets in the cultural spotlight. That's why it's refreshing to see three brothers on a Kansas farm grow a huge fan base following on youtube, with their parodies of popular songs.The Peterson Farm Bros video page draws millions of views of their well produced parody videos which are just as tasty as the beef they produce.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Freaky Friday Foto: The Milk Frog

Unless you are lactose intolerant, you will love this croaker...
No it’s not just the color which gives them their name, but it’s the milk-like poisonous fluid excretion released from them when they are stressed or threatened. They are native to Amazon rainforest and were first discovered in Brazil’s Maracana River. They are famously known as Amazon milk frog.
They are fairly large frogs, reaching up to 2.5- 4 inches. Females are startlingly larger than males. They are greyish in color blended with black banding. During their early stage of life, they have soft and supple skin, but with age they start developing bumpy texture and the grey color slowly metamorphoses to silvery white. Their mouths are tinted with blue, as if it’s chewing a mint; therefore they are also known as blue milk frogs. The milk excretion helps them deter predators and also help them to be hydrated. READ MORE
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