Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fuzzy Green Balls of Algae under Scrutiny

Recently on our Facebook Page, Carrie Ann Durkin Pitts posed a question which started us on a path of research.  A path which may lead to a new product offering.
We're currently testing a form of Algae which may offer a method of keeping other forms of Algae at bay in our EcoAquariums.

Carrie asked us if Marimo Ball "Moss" can be added in our EcoAquarium. Marimo Balls are a form of slow-growing Algae, popular as an plant addition in fresh-water aquariums. In reaching an answer for her, she peaked or interest in the funny, furry, unique plant.
As far as it's compatibility, since Marimo (Aegagropila linnaei) is a form of freshwater algae, it poses no direct threat to bottom-dwelling African Dwarf Frogs, and the frogs seem to pose no threat to the plant. (Frogs are not algae eaters) But what has interested us most is how the Marimo aids greatly in consuming nitrates in the water, effectively reducing the food source to other, more fast-growing algae commonly found in all aquariums, including our EcoAquariums.

We're currently testing several EcoAquariums with Marimo Balls in our office, each under different lighting conditions and plant/frog configurations, monitoring water quality over time. If this turns out favorable, it's possible we may consider Marimo Ball Algae as a plant to offer in future EcoAquariums. Stay tuned!

BTW: If you have included Marimo Balls in your EcoAquariums, or in any standard aquarium, we'd appreciate your comments & observations.
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