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Wild Creations RC Microbugs Are Microsized And Maximum Fun

Myrtle Beach, SC (December 23, 2010) – Whether they’re aspiring entomologists, want-to-be horror film makers, or just plain old into creepy-cool, kids are going to get totally tweaked with award-winning Wild Creations’ brand new line of RC Microbugs. Not only are these little RC controlled arthropods the most realistic RC toys ever made, but their technologically-advanced circuitry makes scaring the bejeebers out of mom as simple as pushing a lever. Just make sure you tell her it’s a toy before she whips out the broom! The RC Bug-A-Palooza begins in Booth 5367 at the 2011 American International Toy Fair. Leave the insect repellent in your show bag, please.

rcladybug.pngRC Ladybug – Ages 6+, $19.99

It’s said that ladybugs bring good luck. Our RC Ladybug brings hours of enjoyment as you control it, making it move forward, back, left and right. An RC Microbugs Toy, the RC Labybug may be tiny, but it’s a ton of fun!


RC Tarantula – Ages 6+, $21.99

A RC Microbug Toy, this desert tarantula packs high technology in a tiny package. Totally controllable, make it walk and maneuver on its 8 legs with the included RC Controller.

rcscorp.pngRC Scorpion – Ages 6+, $19.99

Adventure lurks with this tiny remote toy! Another of the RC Microbugs, is the Remote Controlled Scorpion, with 8 legs, 2 claws and fierce red stinger tail. You control where it goes with the RC controller that doubles as its recharging unit. Steer it forward, reverse, left and right and when prey is nearby, strike with the stinger tail!

RC Potato Beetle – Ages 6+, $19.99
A scourge for a farmer is a friend for RC Lovers! An authentic looking Potato Beetle comes alive in this amazingly realistic remote controlled toy. You control its movements and steer it around, or up and over objects. RC Controller makes the beetle move forward, back, left and right.

RC Skybird – Ages 6+, $24.99

The RC SkyBird flies with flapping wings like a real bird. The SkyBird has a special design with exquisite appearance and emulational dulcet sounds. Fly up to 60 feet away! [Look for this product also as a realistic looking RC Falcon too! -Editor]

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