Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Anniversary

Happy 3 Year Anniversary to
Janet Noto
By: Peter Gasca, Co-Founder and CEO Wild Creations
Happy 3-Year Anniversary to Janet Noto of Wild Creations!  Janet, originally from Marlboro, NY, has lived in Myrtle Beach (Murrells Inlet to be exact) for the past four years, three of which she has spent with Wild Creations as a Client Service Manager!  As a member of the team with the longest seniority, she has seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly and has been an invaluable asset through it all.  In fact, we were proud that her wonderful character was recognized in August with an outstanding Customer Service Award

Fostering and Nursing
Two Cute Baby Possums
at the Office
If you know Janet, then you know she is passionate about animals (which I suppose is why she loves working with frogs!!).  She often volunteers for The Noah Program, an organization in Surfside, SC that finds homes for rescued animals.  In fact, Janet often serves as a "foster mom" to rescued pets in immediate need of care, such as the two baby possums she currently has under her care.  And, not unexpected, she is a wonderful "mom" to two wonderful dogs, Rocky and Taz.

Lastly, what many people do not know about Janet is that she is a Trivia Queen!  In fact, Team Wild Creations anticipates utilizing her expertise for the JA Grand Strand Titan of Trivia Cup in April!

Thank you, Janet, for all the you have and continue to do for Wild Creations.  Your positive attitude, enthusiasm and compassion are a welcome part of every day!

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