Friday, July 18, 2014

Relax to Frog Sounds

Those of us living in the South sometimes take this stuff for granted. We're sure it's the same elsewhere too. However, the sounds of nature holds a special mesmerizing attraction to everyone, and especially to those too often deprived of it. City dwellers mostly, those who have lived around the sounds of industry & car traffic so much, that when they do come hear nature sounds, it's something totally foreign & exotic. For us "country folk', it can't be the other way around, I doubt I'd ever relax to the sounds of rush hour traffic... just no way! But listening to a chorus of frogs in the night, it'll send me off to sleep in no time.
There's quite a growing industry for "Relaxation Sounds". Youtube is full of long playlists of the sounds of nature, hours of it. And checking out the hit counters of a number of them, the popularity is huge.
So we thought that leading into the weekend, we offer this Hour of "Frog Song" to help everyone depressurize & relax. We hope you enjoy the sounds of Nature.

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