Thursday, April 28, 2011

They dig Sea Monsters!

Heather Sanders, who authors Oh My Stinking Heck, did a wonderful review of one of our upcoming Sea Monsters Evacuation Kits and was featured today on The Pioneer Woman, one of the nations best blogs around. Her article describes her sons experience unearthing a Elasmosaurus Skeleton and assembling the replica fossil bones to make a quality model of a creature that ruled the oceans eons ago. The Elasmosaurus is one of the Sea Monsters Evacuation Kits by Geoworld that we'll be bringing to America soon. Look for it, along with other Geoworld Fossil kits coming to a store near you this summer, or get your name on the list for one online today at our website. Look for the Elasmosaurus and it's other Sea Monster Cousins, here by June 1st.

Many thanks to Heather, and the good folks at The Pioneer Woman!

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