Friday, April 1, 2011

Flipoutz... the next new thing?

Hope are high the newest fashion trend for kids of all ages come in the form of little metal buttons. Worn by kids, designed BY kids, traded by kids, FLIPOUTZ show all signs of becoming BIG! Big enough for Wild Creations to recently aquire FLIPOUTZ with all intentions of bringing the product to Worldwide distribution.

What are FLIPOUTZ? It's the newest wearable, exchangable, collectable that’s fun to wear, fun to show, and using the internet, fun to track! Register each flipoutz button online and trade with friends. Then track the button as it goes on it’s way. Who knows where it goes? You do!
Watch ABC's SHARK TANK, Friday April 1st. as Flipoutz makes it's national debut. Does it have what it takes to swim with sharks? Find out Friday, 8PM Eastern.

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