Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flipoutz™ is on fast track

In the three weeks since the hot new interactive apparel Flipoutz™ appeared on ABC's episode 2 of SHARKTANK, the buzz has been growing daily, with store vendors reporting customers appearing in greater numbers searching for the wearable, tradeable, coins and bracelets. Demand of Flipoutz™ products have quickly outpaced supply of some of the bracelets, and the volume of trading of the Flipoutz™ coins has spiked on the interactive website, as more and more kids have gotten into the action of trading their coins with others. Luckly, new orders, as well as refill orders are quickly being filled. Along with our fresh orders comes a new packaging look. We're cautiously optimistic, but at the rate things are developing, we just might see the whole country flip out over FLIPOUTZ™ this summer.

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