Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wild Creations New Crime Scene Investigation Kits Solve Household Mysteries And More

We’re all familiar with the following children’s rhymeAt least we used to be. It may start the same but thanks to Wild Creations Crime Scene Investigation Kits it’s got a completely new ending:
Mommy: “Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?”
Johnny: “Mommy stole the cookies from the cookie jar!”
Mommy: “Who me? Couldn’t be.”
Johnny: “Yes it was, mommy and I can prove it! Not only were your fingerprints all over the lid, but there was fuzz from your robe inside. AND, you must have done it after you exercised because your sneakers left a print in some flour that had evidently spilled on the ground.” Case solved!

It’s a good thing that daddy got the kids the complete set of Wild Creations Crime Scene Investigation Kits. Whether it’s for the fun of being a pretend detective or the joy of learning about the unique qualities every person and fabric has, these detailed kits teach children about different elements of forensic science. Luckily, you won’t need a forensic kit to find where you can see these cool, new sets. For that, you can just visit Wild Creations in Booth 5367 at the 2011 American International Toy Fair.

Here’s what you’ll discover:
csifingerprintkit.jpgThe Fingerprint Analysis Kit – Ages 6 and Up - $15.99
Who stole the cookies in the cookie jar? They better not have left fingerprints! The Fingerprint Analysis kit includes everything you need to begin looking at how everyone’s fingerprints are different. Using the black ink, and stamp
pad, young sleuths can look at their own finger prints, up close with the
included magnifier.

csifootprintkit.jpgFootprint Analysis Kit – Ages 6 and Up - $15.99
Who tracked mud all over the kitchen floor?! There’s no more denying it. The Footprint Analysis Kit allows the young scientist to cast footprints. Includes 1 bottle of black ink, 2 shoe print molds, 1 bag of plaster powder, 2 plastic cups, 1 stirring rod, 1 brush, measuring tape, goggle, working badge, and 5 sample collecting forms.

csifacekit.jpgFace Ident-I-Kit – Ages 6 and Up - $15.99
Do large lips run on dad’s or mom’s side of the family? Let’s do a scientific comparison to find out! The Face Identification Kit includes a light box, 20 facial feature films, 10 transparent films, a working badge, and 5 case record cards. Batteries required and not included.

csi3dinkhand.jpgInk & Handwriting Analysis Kit – Ages 6 and Up - $15.99
Is that really your sister’s handwriting in her diary? Hey! Get out of your sister’s diary! Test different ink samples and compare handwriting.

csiartbloodkit.jpgArtificial Blood Analysis Kit – Ages 6 and Up - $15.99
The Blood Analysis kit includes everything you need to experiment with testing artificial blood including: 1 Bottle of
artificial blood, 1 bottle of artificial blood develop liquid, 1 bottle of special detergent, 5 sample collecting forms, a magnifier, pipette, brush, googles, a working badge, petri dish, and tweezers.

csifiberkit.jpgFiber Analysis Kit – Ages 6 and Up - $15.99
Is that 100% real wool sweater that Nana bought you for Christmas really made from the wool of Mary’s Little Lamb? Hmmm. The Fiber Analysis Kit includes a Microscope Tube, Holder, Clips, 10 Blank Slides and 4 fiber samples to help you get started.

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  1. These kits are truly cute when we see our kids toy with them. Maybe time will come when they will wish to become true forensic engineers or investigators.


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