Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wild Creations to introduce Retro Robots(TM) Line at Toy Fair

Wild Creations Releases Retro Robots To Serve Children Faithfullyrrlogo.png

Whether you are or aren’t old enough to remember the classic toy robots from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, these mechanical marvels have never stopped inspiring creativity, imagination and fun. Whirring gears, choppy motions and mechanical voices were the way toy robots protected children from bad guys, foreign soldiers and the ultimate nemesis, Martian
invaders! Now, thanks to Wild Creations’ re-introduction of some of the most beloved toy robots of the past, human kids are once again protected. Visit Wild Creations Booth 5367 at the 2011 American International Toy Fair to see these retrorobots live up to their legend. The fact that the booth will be 100% Martian-free is proof-enough that these mechanical men are still better than a hyper-warp-stun-phaser.

Electric Robot – Ages 6+, $49.99
electricrobot3d.jpgIn the mid-50s Marx Toys’ Electric Robot captured the hearts and minds of America’s youth. Featuring a variety of actions, controlled individually by different knobs and buttons on its back. Forward and backward motion, light-up eyes, it also can telegraph Morse code and there’s a handy timecover.png cheat sheet printed on the back of his head). Electric Robot’s arms move up and down by turning the two knobs near his shoulders, and a switch at the back of his base determines whether he moves to the right or to the left. It’s all so manual, so interactive – it’s hard not to have fun with this toy. At the time Electric Robot was introduced, Marx Toys was the world's largest toymaker and Louis Marx was the personality of the industry known as "The Henry Ford of the Toy Industry." For Christmas of 1955, Time magazine chose Mr. Marx to grace its cover including the Electric Robot on the upper left, see photo from Time Magazine cover, Dec. 12, 1955.

Rudy the Robot – Ages 6+, $49.99
rudydrobot3d.jpgRudy’s big, bad and heading your way! In “Heavy 70s” day-glow yellow, Rudy will walk you back to a simpler time when toys were tough and fun! Rudy the Robot is faithfully reproduced complete with period packaging. This authentic product is made from the original molds! Rudy was the #1 toy of Christmas 1968.

Robert the Robot – Ages 6+, $49.99
Sci-fi toys were kid favorites in the early 1950s. Space helmets and ray guns were cool, roberttherobot3d.jpgbut nothing was quite as cool as having your own robot, particularly Robert the Robot. This popular toy walks again in this faithful reproduction, right down to its “I am Robert Robot, mechanical man. Drive me and steer me, wherever you can…” Robert was the pioneer of plastic toy robots in 1954, when a popular TV Show called "Captain Video" featured a robot called "TOBOR" (which of course is "robot" spelled backwards). Robert the Robot was inspired by Tobor and of course the TV program helped sales.

Mr. Machine ™ – Ages 6+, $49.99
mrmachine3d.jpgMr. Machine, the popular mechanical man is back! A robot wearing top-hat; turn his giant windup key at the back and watch him “walk,” swinging his arms and repeatedly ringing his chest mounted bell. This is the original toy that was introduced 50 golden years ago in 1960--you not only can see his mechanical “innards” through his clear, plastic body, but also take the toy apart and put it back together, over and over. What’s old is new again with Mr. Machine! Mr. Machine is recognized as one of the all-time greatest toys of the
American Toy Industry.

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