Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Products from Customer Requests & a Happy Discovery

Adding to our EcoAquarium Accessories are three items that we're sure will create a buzz. Introducing the EcoAquarium™ Builders Series.

After requests by our customers, we've responded by offering our popular EcoAquariums in kit form with everything EXCEPT FROGS!

We've had calls from customers wanting a second tank, or to replace a cracked tank (BAD DOG!). Now there's a easy solution with our Builder's Series. Tanks, rocks, living & decorative gravel, & Lucky Bamboo....all ready to go. Just add water and your favorite critter.

Also, for a limited time, we're offering a "new" tank... "The Keystone Classic". Up until late last year, we offered our Watergarden EcoAquarium with it's distinctive tapered tank and large Lucky Bamboo stems in a tall chimney vase. It was a popular item which sadly had to be discontinued when we ran out of the distinctive keystone-shaped tank.
Fortunately, while rearanging our warehouse, we've uncovered a box of these tanks which had been misplaced and mislabled. A very limited supply, so while they last, we will be offering our Keystone Classic, in our Builders Series. If you missed out and didn't get a Watergarden, here's your chance on getting what may be one of our most sought after EcoAquariums.

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