Thursday, October 7, 2010

Introducing the Keystone Classic EcoAquarium™

We've filled orders for the Keystone Classic Builders Series Kit after having them available after ONE DAY!

That's enough to press on and offer it as a complete EcoAquarium™!

Our Keystone Classic EcoAquarium is a rare third version of our EcoAquarium™ series, and will be available for only a VERY short time.

We had discontinued our Watergarden EcoAquarium late last year, when our supply of the distinctive tapered tanks ran out. But just recently, while rearranging the warehouse, one box of the tanks turned up! Since we no longer have the vases or the long-stem Lucky Bamboo to make Watergardens, PRESTO!... the Keystone Classic was born!

You won't find them in any stores, for the moment this is a WEB EXCLUSIVE!

Larger than the Classic, but still filling the same footprint, the Keystone Classic offers the best of both worlds, and with so few of them available, you can count on having a virtual one-of-a-kind EcoAquarium™. Don't wait! They are not going to last long!

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