Friday, October 22, 2010


AT LONG LAST! GEOWORLD Fossils & Toys has arrived on our shores! Wild Creations is proud to present the premier maker of museum quality fossils, fossil replicas, and educational toy products.

Just in time for the holidays, Wild Creations is offering the Geoworld Eduproducts Collection , a world of science, fun & discovery! Unlock the secrets contained in a block of gypsum stone like a real paleontologist, and assemble the bones of a creature that ruled the planet millions of years ago! Learn first-hand how archaeologists piece together a world long past. Not only can you find the bones of dinosaurs, but geodes, space rocks , precious gems & minerals as well. The Eduproduct line offers toys for young & old as well as beautiful museum quality fossil replicas anyone would be proud to possess.

"Excitement isn't the right word", said Pete Gasca, Owner of Wild Creations, " It's a thrill to bring Geoworld to America, it's the kind of toys I wish I had when I was little."

With Geoworld Products offered on the website, as well as becoming available in leading toy stores nationwide, don't be surprised if dinosaurs soon take over YOUR neighborhood!

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