Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sun setting on a classic design

Bamboo Watergarden
An EcoAquarium design that served as a foundation product for us from the beginning had been the Bamboo Watergarden.  With it's distinctive shape, and vase insert, the Watergarden was a stunning and unique product, set apart from our Classic & Jewel EcoAquarium designs.   However, it's place in the line-up came to an end late 2009 when manufacturing ceased on the signature keystone shaped tank.

However, late last year, we uncovered more tanks in our warehouse. Five hundred of the tapered keystone-shaped tanks quickly became available as the Keystone Classic. It's been a year, and now we're down to only 80 tanks left. Soon, they'll be all gone, and that'll be it for our most unique EcoAquarium.  With the holidays coming up, and if you're looking for that one-of-a-kind gift idea, naturally we can't think of anything more unique than an EcoAquarium. But add to that, a EcoAquarium, in a special tank, never be available again...well, to us, that's a very, very, special holiday gift indeed!  The Keystone Classic is offered in limited supply complete, and as a "Builders Series" Kit, (everything but frogs).

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