Friday, July 27, 2012

Coming to Stores EVERYWHERE!

Wild Creations has got the Goods... ready for store shelves nation wide!  The popular self-contained bio-system aquarium is now available in a "Dry-Goods" packaging concept. Now stores can stock a EcoAquarium™ Kit with a redeemable coupon for the "Live Goods", which are fulfilled separately from the Wild Creations website.
Answering the call from stores wishing to stock the popular aquatic product, but not having to contend with the need to stock live frogs & plants, Wild Creations developed the dry goods packaging to meet that need. "It's a working winner..." says Pete Gasca, Wild Creations CEO, "...since we ship live plants & animals nationwide already, we can offer an attractive product with a indefinite shelf life."
The EcoAquarium™ Kit includes a Tank and Lid, along with decorative rocks & gravel, plastic tank base, food and complete instructions. Also included will be a redeemable coupon for ordering the Live Frogs, Living Gravel™ & Lucky Bamboo which completes the EcoAquarium™. After purchase, customers may order the live goods online.
Look for the EcoAquarium™Kit making it into stores this fall.
ATTN:STORE OWNERS Interested? Let us know...send us a email asking for more info at

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