Monday, July 19, 2010

WildCreations Receives Three Tillywig 2010 Sterling Fun Awards

Here’s two phrases you’ve probably never heard in the same sentence, “science” and “insanely fun toys!”

Until now, that is. And the actual sentence would be “Wild Creations makes insanely fun science toys!” The reason for this is that the wacked-out geniuses at Wild Creations actually think that science is a whole lot of fun. And besides the thousands of kids who love them, the judges at Tillywig are apparently also in agreement because Wild Creations just received three Tillywig 2010 Sterling Fun Awards.
In order to be selected as a Tillywig award winner, a product must be determined to have high entertainment and/or educational value. Tillywig's awards program provides retail buyers, news media,parents, and consumers with product information and reviews of superior children's products available in today's marketplace. After extensive testing, they bestowed three different awards – Sterling Fun, Brain Child and Sterling Fun -- to children’s products currently on specialty toy store shelves. (Read More)

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