Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Chilling Reminder to Keep Warm

For the moment 90% of the Nation is gripped with freezing temperatures.
January 2014, you may have noticed, winter is full upon us! Baby, it's COLD! While we bundle up against the winter chill, it's a good idea to mention ways to make sure your Frogs in your EcoAquarium don't have to contend with the cold. It's not like they can pull out some thermal undies, but there are steps YOU can take, to make things comfy cozy for them.

No, not Uncle Sam, but rather drafts that chill you cold. Chilled air from leaky windows & doors, blowing upon your EcoAquarium can significantly lower it's water temperature far lower than the temperature in a room. You can avoid drafts by wrapping a towel around your EcoAquarium, the trapped air in between the towel & the EcoAquarium makes for a good insulator.

Not in the way you think we mean... Place your EcoAquarium high up in a room. Top Shelf, overhead, up near the ceiling, because... HEAT RISES! The temperature in a room is always a few degrees greater up near the ceiling than down near the floor. So while your thermostat may read 70 degrees, it might be 72-73 up above while it's 67 down along the floor.
A smart suggestion would be to relocate the EcoAquarium to the kitchen...normally the warmest place in the house.
JUST BE CAREFUL! Getting High in the kitchen too often leads to the munchies.

Avoid the temptation of adding an aquarium heater or reptile stone heater to your EcoAquarium. While very handy for large aquariums, aquarium heaters cannot regulate the temps in smaller water containers like the EcoAquarium, the sudden temperature fluctuations hot & cold can overstress a frog at least, at worse, turn your EcoAquarium into a piping hot bowl of Frogmore Stew.
Best rule of thumb: If you are comfortable with the temperature in a room, your frogs will be comfortable. If you do need to add some short term localized heat, turn on a reading lamp with an incandescent bulb, and place it no closer than 6-10" away from the tank.

Bitter cold can be avoided with these simple steps, & by keeping room temps between 45-95 degrees, you AND your frogs will weather any cold snap! They be chilling, by NOT getting chilled out.
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