Friday, August 29, 2014

A Puzzle you'll have to Work at..."

Actually... TWO WINNERS!!!


BOY HOWDY! When we said we made our puzzle tough, we were not kidding! Out of the responses we got with answers, WE HAD ONLY TWO who gave THE CORRECT ANSWER:
"Mercennarium", Latin for "Wage Earner", (...alluding to someone who would enjoy a Labor Day Holiday)
SO... instead of trying to decide the winner... the boss decided to award TWO JEWEL ALL IN ONE KITS to the two entries who answered (and spelled) correctly the mystery word.
Congratulations goes to Amanda Sowers & Lyzabeth Miller, for both answering correctly! WE'LL BE IN TOUCH VIA EMAIL.
We'd like to thank EVERYONE who participated! Look for more puzzles with prizes (as soon as we can figure them out ourselves) soon!

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