Monday, December 2, 2013


Everything we sell 20% OFF!
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Great savings on stocking stuffer toys like...
A great exerciser tool & a lot of fun! Rolling your wrist makes the gyroscope ball spin faster & faster.  But the faster it spins, the harder it becomes! Pit your strength against inertia! The Talking Strength Ball even announces RPM's. & records top speeds. Use the ball regularity and actually increase your gripping strength while you marvel at physics in action. ON SALE NOW!

Mix exploring geology with a little gold fever and you find how much fun the Fools Gold Mining Kit can be. Locked inside a solid chunk of gypsum are real Iron Pyrite (Fools Gold) crystals. Using the included hammer & chisel, any Junior Geologist can experience firsthand the thrill of discovery. ON SALE NOW!

DON'T FORGET! We also have 20% OFF on all our EcoAquariums! Regularly $29.99, the Jewel is a top seller!

We're even offering 20% OFF on EcoAquarium accessories, like our Care Pack, all the stuff necessary for maintaining a happy, healthy EcoAquarium!

TODAY IS THE DAY! Don't pass up some great savings!  USE "HOPPYTHANKSGIVING" as a coupon code in checkout to see a 20% Discount on EVERYTHING in stock!
(NOTE: Minimum purchase total $20)

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